Why the IFBA exists – and why we know it can help you.

Like us, you’re passionate about fitness and want to share that passion with others. You set up your business with all the right ambitions and wanted it to be great for both you and your members.
But it’s also your livelihood, and there’s a good chance that the business side of things isn’t your forté. If that’s true, there’s also a chance it’s not working out to be the money-making enterprise you envisaged.
Perhaps member retention is the problem. Or maybe you’re working 90 hours a week and still the numbers aren’t adding up. Staffing and marketing can also prove to be major headaches for any business owner.
At the very least, a poorly functioning business is a worry – and any hope of one day reaping the rewards will seem less and less likely. But the worst scenario is that you’ll give up and lose your dream altogether.
Every entrepreneur struggles to translate their passion into a viable, efficient business. I set up my first personal training gym in 2009, and, back then, I knew very little about running a fitness business. It was no easy ride.
But my previous experience in the corporate world gave me a head start on the operational side of things, customer service and sales. And I’d worked in gyms before where I’d seen the inherent cultural problems.
Inspired by pioneering businesses and leading figures in the US, I set about creating my perfect model. It was hard work, and yes, we made mistakes along the way, but it paid off. Today, W10 is held up as a shining example, one of many gyms across the country that bear testament to the success of our model.
And that’s why we set up the IFBA. We saw that the surprisingly simple solution for ambitious owners was to learn from someone who’s been there, done it and come out the other side with a resounding success.
The IFBA is everything we’ve learned on our journey, consolidated into a package of teaching and tools that gets real results. Join us, and together we’ll define the fast-track route to achieving your business’ potential.

“Having the IFBA on your side as an aspiring or current gym owner is massive: there’s a whole network of gym owners in the trenches with you.”

Abi Durrant,
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