The Time is Now: The Modern Training Gym

The industry has been flipped on its head, and The Modern Training Gym model is emerging as a front runner. Act now to get a march on the competition.


As you’re reading this, the rules of the fitness game are changing.

The landscape is evolving.

Customer behaviour is shifting.

The playing ground has been levelled.

This means that at this unique moment in time, there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a group of ambitious business owners to emerge as front runners in the charge for change: creating ground-breaking, profitable facilities and setting a new standard for health and fitness.

The Modern Training Gym Model is uniquely positioned to meet those changing circumstances. The small group format, community-based environment and dedication to high levels of customer service are ticking all the boxes for changing client expectations.

Here’s how.

A focus on trust

In these unprecedented times, caution and fear are high; people are more alert than ever to potential risks in their environments. They’re taking greater care where they spend their precious time and money – and need to be sure that when they do, their health and wellbeing will be looked after.

The anonymous membership and ‘free-for-all’ vibe of the big box lies in direct opposition to these emerging needs. Clients want to go to a gym run by people they know and trust. Small, independent Modern Training Gyms are founded on trust – clients know what they’re getting and from whom.

“The battle cry of the big box is becoming its swan song.”

A controlled environment

Piling cheek-by-jowl into a crowded facility with questionable sanitisation procedures is much less appealing than it used to be, even at a rock bottom price tag. The battle cry of the big box – a low yield, high churn model – is becoming its swan song as session numbers are being strictly limited.

Using a booking-based approach focusing on high yield rather than high client numbers, the small group model has barely needed to change to fall in line with new requirements for distancing and capacity. Naturally meeting the need for smaller groups with wider spacing, the MTG is sitting pretty and meeting client expectations with minimal disruption to the business model or programming approach.

A reallocation of finance

Boozy nights out, gigs, clubs, holidays…so many common leisure activities are being shut down or restricted, with a return to normality nowhere on the near horizon. People are looking for new ways to spend their leisure time – and their money.

The MTG slots neatly into this gap, offering a hobby that boosts the immune system, brings people together and improves health, wellbeing, and appearance (as well as being fun).

A shift towards quality

Recent events have caused everyone to take a long hard look at their housekeeping. Where are they spending money? And what do they expect in return from their outlay?

The forty-odd quid a month for a gym membership bought in January and used three times in the last year is ripe for cancellation. More than ever, consumers will be expecting more for their money, becoming more sophisticated and discerning. As a premium service with a razor-sharp focus on providing value for money, the MTG isn’t the cheap option. But it has also proven time and again that it gets great results and offers an outstanding client experience.

“Gym-based communities will become more important than ever.”

A call for community

Isolation is on the rise. Workplaces are becoming more diffuse and people are looking for ways to connect in the new world order. Recent recognition of the importance of gyms staying open is a sign that people’s fitness communities may become some of their most reliable and vital ones in the war on loneliness.

The Modern Training Gym has been a community-based model from the start. Focused on bringing people together to have fun and connect while investing in their physical health, the MTG approach is all about uniting people together under a common banner, an ethos, a philosophy. At a time where people are feeling adrift and cut off from their usual habits and connections, being a member of a meaningful and positive community is more attractive than ever.

Looking to learn more about the Modern Training Gym approach – and how to seize the massive opportunity to lead the way in this redefining moment in the industry? Download our free eBook: The Ultimate Modern Training Gym.

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