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The Business Of Fitness Podcast

A weekly podcast digging into the strategies to build an efficient, profitable, and sustainable gym or health club business.

Latest Episodes:

#007 Opening a Gym (Guest George Branford, Intent 91)

8th March 2021 - 44 Minutes
George opened his first gym last year having spent the preceding 18 months researching how to get it right, first time.  He talks to JC, Chris and Tom about this experience and why reverse engineering your business is vital if you want to succeed.

#006: What does your facility look like? (Guest Ollie Marchon, Marchon Athletic)

1st March 2021 - 50 Minutes
Ollie has been a long-time member of the IFBA and in this episode he joins the team to discuss your ‘Place’ and why location, layout, kit, and decor are irrelevant if you fall into the trap of building a gym for yourself and not your clients!

#005 Who’s going to work for you – Part 2

22nd February 2021 - 38 Minutes
Leading the people in your business starts with managing yourself (and your time) first. In this episode, JC, Tom and Chris discuss the Leadership and Delegation Framework, the Impact Doability Matrix, and the winning formula for effective team meetings – giving you, your team, and your business clarity of purpose.

#004 Who’s going to work for you?

22nd February 2021 - 38 Minutes
In a service business, your people are your product. So why does the fitness industry have an old school mentality when it comes to staffing? JC, Tom and Chris put forward the case for treating your staff like clients: and how a proactive approach to recruitment, and a thorough onboarding process, ensure you end up with a superstar team.

#003 Programming is just one piece of the jigsaw

15th February 2021 - 29 Minutes
We continue the discussion about ‘Product’, this time delving into the ‘Programming Blueprint’ and why this influences your model, gym layout, how you hire and the clients you’ll attract. Taking the training gym Product chat to the next level: JC, Tom, and Chris delve into creating the Programme Blueprint and how this influences your model, gym layout, employer brand, and staff recruitment and development pipeline.

#002 What’s your Product?

15th February 2021 - 25 Minutes
In this episode we discuss your product and why having a training manifesto sets the tone for your ‘client journey’ and how we implement personal training in a small group training environment. IFBA Head of Education Tom Hamilton talks Product: the importance of a coherent programming approach, how the Training Manifesto creates a North Star for the member journey, and the nuts and bolts of delivering successful Small Group Personal Training.

#001 Why does The IFBA exist?

15th February 2021 - 35 Minutes
A discussion with founder ‘JC’ on the origins of the group and how his frustrations with the industry led to the formation of the IFBA and how he plans to positively impact the global fitness market by ‘Setting the Standard’. IFBA Founder JC Vacassin kicks us off with the story of how his frustrations with the industry inspired him to create the IFBA: and how the global fitness community can join us in Setting the Standards for gym owners, personal trainers, and the fitness consumer.
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“We thought long and hard, trying to justify the expense...DON’T! Just invest and join.”

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