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A weekly podcast digging into the strategies to build an efficient, profitable, and sustainable gym or health club business.

Latest Episodes:

#028 Leadership: Leading Others [Part 2]

2nd August 2021 - 54 Minutes
Part two of our chat with psychologist and executive coach Dan Vacassin moves on to the second of the three pillars of leadership: leading others. In this episode, he focuses on the five dysfunctions of a team, helping us troubleshoot some of the common issues that could rock the boat in any business.  Chris and Dan discuss why vulnerability can be a force for good, why conflict is important, and how to achieve buy-in and accountability within your team.  

#027 Leadership: Leading Self [Part 1 ]

26th July 2021 - 43 Minutes
Dan Vacassin is a Business Psychologist and Executive Coach. In this episode, he takes us through the first of the three pillars of effective leadership: leading the self.   Ultimately, this comes by developing an awareness and understanding of our abilities and skills – as well as the roles we play, both formal and informal. Dan shares some useful tips and tools that he’s picked up from his years coaching acclaimed leaders from across the globe.  

#026 Internship Programme

19th July 2021 - 41 Minutes
Chris and Tom talk through what an internship programme looks like; discuss why, when and how you might decide to run one; and explain why it’s NOT a means of providing you with cheap labour!

#025 Onboarding and Staff Training

12th July 2021 - 47 Minutes
In the Modern Training Gym, your staff are your product, making them incredibly valuable – just like your clients. This means running them through a thorough onboarding experience when they join the business. This not only lays the foundations for long-term staff retention; it also builds buy-in to your company’s core values, making them an ambassador for your brand for years to come. 

#024 Recruitment

5th July 2021 - 47 Minutes
We start season 4 off with a discussion around recruitment. Where do we find the best candidates, the staffing pipeline, employer brand, the interview process and why we always employ our staff full time. People are our product so we explain why we hire slow and fire fast!

#023 Case Study – Ross Stewart, Improve Glasgow

28th June 2021 - 101 Minutes
We hear from long-standing IFBA member, Ross Stewart of ‘Improve Glasgow’, as he tells us about his journey in the gym business from his mum accepting a Uni place, on his behalf, while he was travelling, through to banning lunges and kettlebell swings due to lack of space in his first gym.  Ross shares the mistakes he’s made as well as the things he’s learned along the way and how he now runs a successful Modern Training Gym.

#022 Personalising the Coaching Experience

21st June 2021 - 50 Minutes
In this episode Chris and Tom deep dive into personalising the coaching experience.  The evaluation is where this process begins and they discuss how to take the information gathered during this process and disseminate it to the team effectively - including how to understand how your clients may learn, how managing the logistics of a session is as important as the coaching, practical tips for moving from a coaching ratio of 1:1 right up to 1:6 and why communication is the key to successful personalisation.

#021 Membership Systems

11th June 2021 - 44 Minutes
This episode concentrates on your how your booking system, CRM and CMS should all integrate together to work for you (as well as explaining what all these things are!) and help manage your customers, from attracting them in the first place, to ensuring they are still receiving a world-class experience 10 years down the line.

#020 Management Systems and Operations

7th June 2021 - 40 Minutes
Everything that makes your gym ‘tick’ is included in operations and neglecting this area is not an option unless you want to leave yourself exposed from a health and safety perspective. The team also discuss time management and managing self before managing others.

#019 Systemising Sales

31st May 2021 - 51 Minutes
Sales is often seen as a ‘dirty’ word so the team explain why everyone in your facility is ’in’ sales as well as breaking down the sales process, from your marketing funnels and 30 day trial, right through to sign up, looking at where you can really add value and up your conversions.
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