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The Business Of Fitness Podcast

A weekly podcast digging into the strategies to build an efficient, profitable, and sustainable gym or health club business.

Latest Episodes:

#017 3M’s of Marketing

17th May 2021 - 44 Minutes
Marketing is often seen as a ‘murky’ world and, in this episode, the team shine a light on the fundamentals with a discussion on the ‘3 M’s - Market, Message and Media’.  Everything else is irrelevant until you know who you are going to train, how you’re going to resonate with them and where they hang out.

#016 Client Systems

10th May 2021 - 58 Minutes
Continuing the deep dive into systems, JC, Chris and Tom discuss ‘The Customer Journey’.  This 3 stage process provides the framework for the member experience and helps recruit new members as well as improving retention and is one of the most important systems to get right.

#015 Good Systems, Great Business

3rd May 2021 - 49 Minutes
Good systems form the backbone of a successful fitness business, with the caveats that systems are only as good as the people running them and the 3 P’s should come first. The team discuss why you need systems, when you need them and once you have them in place why you should constantly change them to adapt to your growing business.

#014 Case Study – Abi Durrant – Barbelle

26th April 2021 - 56 Minutes
This episode we welcome Abi Durrant from Barbelle in Scarborough and hear how she went from being a one woman band, working out of a gym, to owning her own place before moving to bigger premises as her business grew.  Abi shares the challenges she faced, such as opening a premium gym in an area that hadn’t seen anything like it before and the team discuss why there aren’t more female gym owners in the industry.

#013 The Coaching Journey

19th April 2021 - 58 Minutes
Tom and Chris deep  dive into the coaching journey, looking at everything from the transition from being  a 1-2-1 coach, to coaching Small Groups, right  through to how to become an excellent coach and the impact this has on the business as  a whole.

#012 The Art of Communication with Cathy MacDonald

12th April 2021 - 70 Minutes
Working in a people business it’s easy to take communication skills for granted. In this episode, Chris and Tom talk to Ex-Police Hostage Crisis negotiator, Cathy MacDonald about the nuances of communication and the missed opportunities that go with not learning how to listen with intent.

#011 Building your Ideal Business

6th April 2021 - 46 Minutes
Building your ideal business starts with knowing what your exit is.  Working back from this point you can create your vision, communicate it internally and externally and use that vision to inform all your decisions.

#010 The Digital Modern Training Gym

29th March 2021 - 38 Minutes
The online training landscape has shifted irrevocably and big players, such as Apple, are now heavily invested in this market. In this episode, the team discuss how to compliment your bricks and mortar business and where you should and shouldn’t focus your energy when creating your Digital MTG.

#009 The Tiered Membership Model

21st March 2021 - 38 Minutes
The key to the Modern Training gym is the ‘Tiered Membership Model.’ This episode is dedicated to explaining the nuances of this approach: and why your programming, and in particular your ‘Training Manifesto’, is central to making this approach work.

#008 The State of the Fitness Industry and the Modern Training Gym

15th March 2021 - 41 Minutes
JC, Tom and Chris discuss the current state of the rapidly changing fitness industry, delving into what the Modern Training Gym is – and what makes it stand out in a crowded, competitive market.
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