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The Member Journey: Your Key to Sales and Retention

An outstanding member journey is the key to success in 2022 and beyond: supercharge your sales performance – and transform the profitability of your business.



For too long, the fitness industry has thrown new clients in at the deep end with no support. Rush them through the door; shove a programme in their hand; and let them fend for themselves. 

If we’re planning to access the growing population of people who want to join a gym with no prior experience – or even with existing negative associations with fitness – this hands-off approach simply won’t work. 

All too often, we see gyms pouring time, effort, and money into the marketing and sales side of things; then dropping the ball as soon as someone signs on the dotted line. Not only is this pretty unethical, it doesn’t make good business sense. After all, it costs much more to secure a new client than it does to retain an existing one.

Shifting the sales paradigm

In order to create a seamless experience that nurtures the client from first contact through to lifetime loyalty, we have to extend the marketing and sales pipeline – because the effort doesn’t stop there. 

Once the member has joined the facility, you need to have a joined up approach, a structured plan, for how to keep selling to them – to retain them as clients for as long as possible.

1. The Member Journey Overview

To make this happen, we split the member journey into five main stages: Marketing, Sales, Trial, Onboarding, and Retention. 

With these broad stages in place, the next step is to decide how you’ll populate them.

What can you do to surprise, delight, and systematically engage clients through every phase of their journey?

“We need to deliver the member journey to an outstanding level, every time”

Here’s a sample of how that might look – remember, the specifics will depend entirely on your setup, location, demographic, team, and many more variables, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. 

2. The 90-Day Roadmap

With your foundational initiatives in place, you now need to flesh them out into a series of practical actions or processes to make them a reality. 

We think this stage is best mapped out in a process-flow format to create a clear framework. This allows you to ensure that every step is planned in, and that the whole team can get a bird’s-eye view of the process.

Here’s a small sample of what this could look like, using the transition from the marketing to sales stage as an example.

3. The 90-Day Nurture Sequence

Your 90-Day Nurture Sequence is a ‘how-to’ for delivering the journey to an outstanding level, every time. It nurtures the client through each stage with a series of carefully planned interactions, and could include:

  • A script or checklist for each phone call
  • A template for emails
  • A framework for key contact points like the evaluation process and the sales meeting
  • An outline for any resources, literature, or physical assets that you’ll share with the client at each point of the process
  • Inputs from various members of the team, and details of any expertise or training they’ll need to execute their role in the process
  • And a note of which metrics are relevant at each point, and how to measure them.

For example, your plan for the Stage Two: Sales sample we shared above might include a granular breakdown of the following elements:

  • Script/checklist for handling phone enquiries
  • Template for handling email enquiries
  • Script/checklist for handling walk-in enquiries
  • Lead capture form from social channels
  • Staff training protocol for handling enquiries
  • Assessor call checklist/script for callback #1
  • Text/WhatsApp template for follow-up after callback #1
  • Email template for follow up email after callback #3
  • Assessor call checklist/script for initial call/consultation
  • Assessor job description and training framework

“A transparent member journey drives motivation, adherence, and engagement”

The assessor

Your assessor is the champion of your member journey. 

They take a prospect from knowing very little about your gym, to committing to paying a significant amount of money every month for at least a year. Many people will feel daunted by the idea of joining a mainstream gym, never mind a training gym, and the assessor is there to oversee the member journey and make their first contact with you seamless and overwhelmingly positive.

Without someone in the role of assessor, the member journey (and especially the first 90 days of a member’s time with you)  isn’t properly nurtured. The assessor is highly familiar with the on-boarding process and keeps a personal connection with each and every client that comes through.

Choose the right assessor and in set in their development to get the best results from your member journey – find out more here.

The member journey: the cardinal rule

Whatever your member journey looks like, it needs to be transparent. 

This means that your clients (potential and existing) have an understanding of how their journey will unfold, giving them a path into the future that helps with motivation, progress tracking, and a sense of longevity. 

It means that your staff know exactly what they’re doing when they’re guiding clients through the journey: they understand the stages, what their role is for each, and how to communicate the process to the members. 

It also means that from an operational and financial point of view, you know which systems need to be in place, which metrics to measure, and how to establish both short and long term goals. 

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