Marketing and Sales Incubator

Strategic communications are the key to client engagement.

This comprehensive course demands that you reassess everything you thought you knew about marketing and sales. It then rebuilds your knowledge, step by step, covering every aspect of internal and external marketing and touching every step of the customer journey.

And through the exercises accompanying each learning segment, you’ll bring the theory to life in the context of your own business. At the end of it, you’ll understand the big picture of client communications and have a confident grasp of strategies to drive client take-up, ensure conversion and raise retention.

Outline of the Course

Module One: The Foundations

You’ll look at the big picture of marketing and sales in the modern training gym and understand the key elements, including sales funnels, metrics and a joined-up approach.

Module Two: Market

You’ll analyse your ideal client, your competitors and your market.

Module Three: Message

You’ll define and articulate the communication building blocks for your brand: your Core Values, Mission statement and Brand Narrative.

Module Four: Media

You’ll learn the principles that will help you develop your prime marketing channels, including website, email, social media and advertising.

Module Five: Joined-Up Marketing

You’ll discover the importance of addressing Market, Message and Media in the right order, helping you to create a Marketing Plan, Marketing Calendar and Content Schedule.

Module Six: The Sales Funnel

You’ll work through the Staged Sales Process, creating standard scripts and messaging for taster sessions, trials and lapsed members.

Module Seven: The Art of Selling

You’ll be asked to rethink your preconceptions about sales and realise it’s integral to every step of the customer journey.

Module Eight: Next Steps

You’ll bring all your learnings together in a series of exercises, covering marketing and sales funnels, KPIs and the all-important joined-up approach.

Knowledge you’ll gain from this course:

No stone unturned

With a thorough understanding of your customer and their journey, you’ll learn how to build effective marketing and sales funnels from top to bottom.

First things first

You’ll learn why understating your market is the cornerstone that comes first before you can think about message and media.

Joined-up thinking

You’ll be empowered to tie all your newly learned sales and marketing processes together in a cohesive, systematic plan.

Theory into action

You’ll come away with a suite of practical resources and tools to apply to your business, helping you to attract, convert and retain the right customers.

Ready to rethink marketing and sales?

Enrolments for the IFBA Marketing and Sales Incubator course will go live in early 2021.

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“We thought long and hard, trying to justify the expense...DON’T! Just invest and join.”

Dan Oliver
Field of Fitness, Guildford
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limit to complete the course?

This course usually takes 12 weeks to complete (one block per week). But there is no time limit, as you can spend longer on each block. The course is designed to enable you to work at your own pace, to ensure that all blocks are fully completed before moving onto the next one.

How do you pass each block?

There are exercises to complete for each block. You will review these with your Coach Mentor and they will move you to the next block when you are ready.

What is a Coach Mentor and what role do they play?

We have a team of experienced Coach Mentors who support and guide members of the IFBA. You will have a dedicated Coach Mentor who will guide you through the course. You will have weekly call with them to discuss progress and they will move you on to the next block when you are ready.

How do I access materials or any additional resources?

Everything that you need is provided within the course online. There is a reading list in the materials section for each block of the course.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, you will be issued a certificate when all elements of the course have been completed.

How much does the course cost?

The course price is £999 (which you can pay over 3 £333 instalments). If you have the Leadership membership tier, then this course is within your membership price.

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