Give your business its best chance

Take control, upgrade your systems, and build a brilliant gym that makes you proud.

Surviving to thriving

With all the personal enthusiasm and skill in the world, developing and sustaining a gym business that makes you money and makes you happy is an immense challenge. Around 80% of gyms don’t make it past their first twelve months in business, and a further 50% close in the five years that follow.

We’ve already helped 100s of owners create a gym that their members love and build a business that’s profitable and sustainable. Let us do the same for you.

The tools for success

Leave that hit-and-miss approach behind, and build a streamlined, optimised operation with our proven systems, extensive resources, experienced team, and personalised support.

Become a better leader, maximise your financial potential, and outstrip the competition.

Six Reasons To Join The IFBA

A winning formula

Packed with resources and templates, including our proven business model and operating systems, our Business Blueprint will fast-track you to the right solution, right off the bat.

Expert mentoring

Our team of experienced professionals will coach you through common sticking points and roll up their sleeves with you to effect transformative change to your operation.

Tailored support

You can choose from a range of membership offerings, so you get the support that’s at the right level, at the right time, and tailored to your specific needs.

Personal development

To empower you to keep your business growing and improving, you and your staff will receive structured individual training and education.

A community of peers

You’ll learn, share, and grow with aspiring owners on the same journey as you. And you’ll have help on tap from an international network of progressive gym owners.

100% satisfaction

You’ll feel the same benefit as the 100s of gym owners who tell us they’re reaping incredible rewards and loving the journey.

"Having the IFBA on your side as an aspiring or current gym owner is massive: there’s a whole network of gym owners in the trenches with you”

Abi Durrant,

Start accelerating the growth of your business today.

Ready for the advanced teaching, tools, resources and inspiration you need to make your business an industry leader?

Choose the membership package that’s right for you.

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