Inner Circle

This is a no-nonsense environment for serious fitness business owners

Welcome to the hangout of the leading network of fitness business owners in the UK and Europe.


Founded by Jean-Claude Vacassin this has becomes the home of a unique collective who are driving change in the world of fitness. It’s a unique group, built to inspire, share, develop, support, and create success.

A unique group driving change


After an initial business review and strategy session, we meet three times per year for an intensive two days of intense business development, networking, sharing of ideas, which will catapult all of our individual businesses and see us drive collective change.

These get-togethers are intense, with one day in the gym setting, talking ideas, layouts, programming, standards etc, and one day of ‘locked down’ planning and learning, where we will also hold people accountable to commitments each session, to ensure that we all deliver what we say we will – this is huge.

These are held in various locations, and span Friday (9.30am – 6pm – the ‘locked down’ day) and Saturday (10am – 3pm – roundtable and action planning). We will also have a social on both evenings.

Inner Circle Support


We also support each other daily through our closed Inner Circle Facebook Page and monthly webinars and live Q&A sessions, where JC and his team, other industry experts, and other members of the circle, share ideas and resources.

Unrivalled Membership Benefits


Active IFBA Inner Circle Membership includes three intensive two day annual Inner Circle meet ups, where we will always also be joined by an expert in a given field, such us marketing, digital strategy, programme design, automation, retention, and so on.

Also included are access to our closed Facebook community, access to JC and the IFBA team and community, access to our IFBA presents webinars, inclusive or hugely discounted resources from the IFBA shop, and a 50% reduction at both Lift the Bar and the Professional Fitness Coaching academy.

This is not for everyone


The Inner Circle is built upon the strengths, energy, participation, contributions, merit, uniqueness, and character of its members. Membership is limited and is granted either by invitation from an active circle members or by selection by Jean-Claude Vacassin.

If you’re interested, but we are yet to reach out, let us know more about you and what makes you a good fit to join our unique crew. Applications are welcome from anyone with the minerals to withstand the challenges of fitness business ownership and a drive and determination to increase memberships and revenue, both individually and collectively.

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