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The Building a Superstar Team Ebook

Building a Superstar Team

Invest in your people, and great things will happen

Your people are at the centre of everything you do as a gym owner. Discussing ideas like team incentives and creating a strong company culture, this essential ebook gives you practical routes to develop the magic formula: happy staff = happy members = successful business.

The Five of the Biggest Mistakes Ebook

Five of the Biggest Mistakes

If only do one thing, read this

From forgetting your customers to slap-dash branding, this must-read ebook flags the most common hurdles and hiccups that threaten to block your progress. It draws on the real-life experiences of seasoned owners who now run some of the most successful gyms in the UK.

The Marketing is your friend, embrace it and use it Ebook

Marketing 101

Marketing is your friend, embrace it and use it

Marketing isn’t a dark art; in fact, it’s quite straightforward if you get to grips with the principles. Kicking off with the three Ms (Market, Message and Media), this in-depth ebook helps you understand the empowering truths about marketing that every gym owner should know.

The Building a Superstar Team Ebook

Systemising Sales

As a business owner, sales should be a way of life

Sales isn’t a dirty word. You know your business offers a fantastic service, and sales is just about communicating that value to prospective clients. This ebook debunks the negative preconceptions around sales and shares principles and practical methods you can use easily incorporate into your business.

The Building a Superstar Team Ebook

The Ultimate Modern Training Gym

The fitness industry is changing – let the revolution begin

Change is happening. People are becoming more discerning and demanding. What can you do? Firstly, you can see it as an opportunity. This insightful ebook lets you in on the progressive fitness trends that are transforming the market and how you can adapt to win.

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