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#015 Good Systems, Great Business

Good systems form the backbone of a successful fitness business, with the caveats that systems are only as good as the people running them and the 3 P’s should come first. The team discuss why you need systems, when you need them and once you have them in place why you should constantly change them…

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#014 Case Study – Abi Durrant – Barbelle

This episode we welcome Abi Durrant from Barbelle in Scarborough and hear how she went from being a one woman band, working out of a gym, to owning her own place before moving to bigger premises as her business grew.  Abi shares the challenges she faced, such as opening a premium gym in an area…

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#013 The Coaching Journey

Tom and Chris deep  dive into the coaching journey, looking at everything from the transition from being  a 1-2-1 coach, to coaching Small Groups, right  through to how to become an excellent coach and the impact this has on the business as  a whole.

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#011 Building your Ideal Business

Building your ideal business starts with knowing what your exit is.  Working back from this point you can create your vision, communicate it internally and externally and use that vision to inform all your decisions.

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Brand, Inclusivity, and Community in 2021

The WELLTODO 2021 Consumer Wellness Trends Report highlights eight key trends in the industry that ambitious operators will need to stay abreast of: we’re taking these trends one by one to give you the insight – and practical action points – you need to emerge as a frontrunner as the dust settles over the next…

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The New Digital Experience

The last ten years have seen the fitness industry change more rapidly and more dramatically than in any other period of history. This seismic shift goes hand in hand with a wider evolution of public attitude towards and health and wellbeing. And this evolution is far from over: the wellness sector is hurtling headfirst into…

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Want Great ROI? Invest in Your People

Everything’s in flux, and gyms are looking hard at their books to get the most bang for their buck. ROI is the name of the game in this changing business climate. But in our quest to run lean and make our money work for us, some gyms are putting all the emphasis on short-term return.…

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The Time is Now: The Modern Training Gym

As you’re reading this, the rules of the fitness game are changing. The landscape is evolving. Customer behaviour is shifting. The playing ground has been levelled. This means that at this unique moment in time, there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a group of ambitious business owners to emerge as front runners in the charge…

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The Poverty Pandemic: Are You Ready to Give Back?

Recent events have led us to turn our sights inwards. Keeping our facilities afloat and providing for our loved ones has been an overwhelming focus over the last months. But while we’ve been thinking about how to lead our businesses through change and what sort of digital element to add to our service, a second…

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