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#025 Onboarding and Staff Training

In the Modern Training Gym, your staff are your product, making them incredibly valuable – just like your clients. This means running them through a thorough onboarding experience when they join the business. This not only lays the foundations for long-term staff retention; it also builds buy-in to your company’s core values, making them an…

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The Overlooked Power of Member Referrals

What do marketing and sales in the fitness industry mean to you? Expensive GoogleAds campaigns? Facebook advertising? Local outreach? What if we were to tell you that one of the most effective marketing strategies, based on ROI, was simply getting your existing members to refer their friends and family to the gym? We often focus…

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#022 Personalising the Coaching Experience

In this episode Chris and Tom deep dive into personalising the coaching experience.  The evaluation is where this process begins and they discuss how to take the information gathered during this process and disseminate it to the team effectively – including how to understand how your clients may learn, how managing the logistics of a…

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#019 Systemising Sales

Sales is often seen as a ‘dirty’ word so the team explain why everyone in your facility is ’in’ sales as well as breaking down the sales process, from your marketing funnels and 30 day trial, right through to sign up, looking at where you can really add value and up your conversions.

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#017 3M’s of Marketing

Marketing is often seen as a ‘murky’ world and, in this episode, the team shine a light on the fundamentals with a discussion on the ‘3 M’s – Market, Message and Media’.  Everything else is irrelevant until you know who you are going to train, how you’re going to resonate with them and where they…

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#015 Good Systems, Great Business

Good systems form the backbone of a successful fitness business, with the caveats that systems are only as good as the people running them and the 3 P’s should come first. The team discuss why you need systems, when you need them and once you have them in place why you should constantly change them…

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#014 Case Study – Abi Durrant – Barbelle

This episode we welcome Abi Durrant from Barbelle in Scarborough and hear how she went from being a one woman band, working out of a gym, to owning her own place before moving to bigger premises as her business grew.  Abi shares the challenges she faced, such as opening a premium gym in an area…

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#013 The Coaching Journey

Tom and Chris deep  dive into the coaching journey, looking at everything from the transition from being  a 1-2-1 coach, to coaching Small Groups, right  through to how to become an excellent coach and the impact this has on the business as  a whole.

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#011 Building your Ideal Business

Building your ideal business starts with knowing what your exit is.  Working back from this point you can create your vision, communicate it internally and externally and use that vision to inform all your decisions.

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