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SGPT vs Team Training

Small group PT is the bread and butter of the Modern Training Gym approach. It allows us to charge a premium rate because the model gets great results, bringing high yield per member, low attrition rates, and a high customer lifetime value. But where your space allows, adding large group classes is often a good…

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The Member Journey: Your Key to Sales and Retention

For too long, the fitness industry has thrown new clients in at the deep end with no support. Rush them through the door; shove a programme in their hand; and let them fend for themselves.  If we’re planning to access the growing population of people who want to join a gym with no prior experience…

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Debunking the leadership myth

Is there any such thing as an objectively ‘good leader’? Can you think of an example? If you can, now take that example and put it into a completely different context. Does that leadership style still work? Maybe – but maybe not. In fact, good leadership isn’t a one-size-fits-all: it depends on the demands of…

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#043 Sales Process

The original plan was for the W10 sales process to be walked through, from how to conduct calls to closing with all objections dealt with along the way. Instead, the conversation went in an unexpected, but totally relevant direction which underlined the importance of knowing yourself, your ‘voice’ and your values so you can use…

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What Makes a Strong Brand?

Whether you’re a one-man-band or a multinational conglomerate, your brand is one of the fundamentals of success. And branding is becoming an increasingly important element in the strategy of any ambitious business: consumers want to know, now more than ever, that they’re buying into a meaningful mission before they part with their hard-earned cash. Strong brands…

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What Makes a Successful Coach in 2021?

In today’s increasingly competitive fitness industry, the definition of what makes an ‘outstanding coach’ is changing.  Ten years ago, a sound technical foundation and good communication skills would get you 90% of the way. Today, those things are the bare minimum. As online fitness reaches new levels and clients become increasingly discerning, it’s now harder…

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#040 The Assessor

What (and who) is the assessor? Despite the catchy title, the physical assessment is just one small part of their job. A role that has the potential to increase your sales tenfold and drive your retention and referral figures through the roof, the assessor may be one of the (if not THE) most important person…

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Maximising Additional Profit Streams: Retail and F&B

The Modern Training Gym model is based on maximum yield per client: going deep (not broad) and providing a full-stack, one-stop, premium service that caters to their every need. This in turn increases retention (as we’re serving our members exceptionally well) and maximises customer lifetime value.  Although a relatively small part of the revenue pie,…

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The Staged Sales Process

The Modern Training Gym model works. As gym owners who understand what it takes for people to reach their health and fitness goals, we know that. But our potential clients probably don’t. If they’re looking to lose some weight, get strong, get fit – whatever – they’ll shop around for a way to get this…

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How to Build a Superstar Team: Psychological Safety

Trust, confidence, collaboration, creativity: we all want these things for our teams, right? But without psychological safety, none of these states can exist. Psychological safety is about how people feel at work.  If it’s high, then people feel OK making speaking up with an idea or a contribution – they’re not scared of feeling ignorant, incompetent,…

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