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#049 Marketing: Your Strategic Approach

In this first episode of 2022, Chris, JC and Tom talk about taking a strategic approach to marketing. The big question in today’s unstable industry: if your ‘primary’ marketing channel ceased to exist tomorrow, would you be able to maintain a stream of leads without too much disruption to the business? The team explain how…

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#046 The Next Level: The Best Bits

Once you’ve got the big rocks in order, where do you focus your energy next? This episode provides an overview of Seasons Four, Five, and Six of the Podcast covering Team Development, Programming and Sales. Take a listen and don’t forget to re-visit the individual series as you’re ready to delve deeper into each.

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#045 Back to Basics: The Best Bits

In this episode we’re giving you the best bits of Seasons One to Three. Covering everything from product to place, systems to opening a gym (plus some popular and punchy case studies), this is a bitesize episode full of actionable nuggets. It’s the ideal potted recap of topics you’ve already listened to – or a…

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#044 Cathy MacDonald

Chris chats to communications expert, Cathy MacDonald (see episode 12) as she expands on the art of communication with a particular slant towards the sales process. Cathy was formerly a Hostage and Crisis negotiator and has taught professional from all business and industry sectors how to communicate more effectively.

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#042 MyZone Case Study – Dave Wright

This week, we’re joined by special guest Dave Wright, Founder and CEO of fitness tech giant MyZone. Dave gives us the takeaways from his journey through the industry: starting out marketing for fitness clubs, before opening his own gyms; and finally launching Myzone to help facilities drive client retention. Dave tells us how the MyZone…

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#041 Retention: The Best Sale There Is

It’s far more expensive (and time-consuming) to gain a new member than it is to retain an existing one. To take advantage of this, we need to see sales as an ongoing process that continues throughout the entire customer lifecycle (not just before membership sign up). This pod is focused on the strategies and tactics…

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#039 Sales Introduction

The truth is, we’re all in sales: and regardless of whether we got into this line of work to turn a profit or help others (or both), we need to get comfortable with it. At its heart, sales is just communicating the value of what you’re offering in a way that people can understand: and…

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#038 Equipment and Layout

Space is often at a premium in the Modern Training Gym. In this episode, JC, Tom and Chris give actionable tips on how to design your gym layout and get the right kit for your demographic. As always, your business plan plays a pivotal role in the design process, bringing together factors such as client…

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