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What’s Your Digital Direction?

Recent events have forced fitness businesses online, simultaneously levelling the playing field and reinventing the rules in a way that none of us could have expected. For many of us, this has given us a short sharp shock as we’ve found out the hard way that our businesses aren’t nearly as resilient or adaptable as…

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Coronavirus: What’s Next?

Despite the massive upheaval that the Coronavirus has brought to our businesses (and the global economy), the model at the heart of the Modern Training Gym hasn’t really changed: we’re still aiming for pristine gyms, well turned-out staff, and an innovative product. What HAS changed though, is that the public are going to be highly…

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What’s Your Covid-19 Exit Strategy?

“There is no escaping the fact that we are operating in extraordinary times. Our physical health clubs, gyms and studios are closed and we’re trying to keep our membership engaged, fit and healthy via online and digital training. “There is no magic pill (at the moment) which will end this global pandemic. We are in…

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How to Lead Your Fitness Business Through Change

Being a good leader may look easy from the outside, but once you’re in that position you realise that it’s a complex interplay of yourself, others, and the wider business. Add the turbulence of a change process and the challenge of good leadership goes up a notch. Here are some fundamental traits that characterise good…

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Marketing Your Gym During the Coronavirus Crisis

Marketing Your Gym During the Coronavirus Crisis

A steady stream of new leads engaging with the business may not be your primary priority right now (our Coronavirus Crisis survival blog can help here). But once the dust settles and you’ve done the necessary work to secure as many of your existing membership base as you can, you’ll need to consider both your…

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Seven Steps to Success During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We take a step back and reflect on some key steps in managing the Coronavirus situation in the weeks to come. 1. Stop. Breathe. Think. There’s no denying that this time is going to be a real challenge for independent gym owners, PTs, and pretty much anyone in the fitness business (and beyond). There will…

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Abi Durrant - Barbelle, Scarborough

Abi Durrant, Barbelle

What’s your journey been to this point? Fitness has always been the most important part of my day-to-day, so after uni I decided to take it seriously. I worked a couple of years as a one-to-one PT in a local gym, and when new owners wanted me to pay them rent to continue working, it…

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Niall Mullen, Nikafit Studios

Earlier this year, we took a quick hop across the water to visit Niall in his facility, Nikafit Studios – the only purpose-built small-group training gym in Ireland, with over 200 members. We wanted to get his take on the highs and lows of establishing a successful training gym (and get a look at his…

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