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Marketing Your Fitness Business (Post-Pandemic)

The pandemic has levelled the industry playing field, making colossal success more possible than it’s ever been.  In one sense, the flooding of the market with unregulated (often poor quality) products is good news for those of us with our ducks in a row. But in such a crowded space, how can we make real…

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The Benefits of Small Group PT

The fitness industry is in flux.  What used to work, doesn’t anymore. The competitive landscape is changing, creating both threats and opportunities for both existing players and new outfits alike. In this time of uncertainty, one thing’s for sure: more people than ever want to proactively look after their health and fitness. And as this…

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The Key Components of a Successful Coaching System

When you start out as a PT, programming is (relatively) easy. After all, you’ve only got a couple dozen clients on your books. Fast forward a few years for the ambitious coach and you may find yourself moving into the lucrative Small Group Personal Training model (one coach, up to six clients – consistent profitability…

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The Overlooked Power of Member Referrals

It’s all too easy to sink a chunk of cash into your marketing efforts, then be left wondering whether the ROI was really worth it.  This guest post that we wrote for BLK BOX explains why member referrals may be one of the most powerful lead sources open to us: and how to leverage this opportunity.…

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Brand, Inclusivity, and Community in 2021

The WELLTODO 2021 Consumer Wellness Trends Report highlights eight key trends in the industry that ambitious operators will need to stay abreast of: we’re taking these trends one by one to give you the insight – and practical action points – you need to emerge as a frontrunner as the dust settles over the next…

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The New Digital Experience

The last ten years have seen the fitness industry change more rapidly and more dramatically than in any other period of history. This seismic shift goes hand in hand with a wider evolution of public attitude towards and health and wellbeing. And this evolution is far from over: the wellness sector is hurtling headfirst into…

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Want Great ROI? Invest in Your People

Everything’s in flux, and gyms are looking hard at their books to get the most bang for their buck. ROI is the name of the game in this changing business climate. But in our quest to run lean and make our money work for us, some gyms are putting all the emphasis on short-term return.…

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The Time is Now: The Modern Training Gym

As you’re reading this, the rules of the fitness game are changing. The landscape is evolving. Customer behaviour is shifting. The playing ground has been levelled. This means that at this unique moment in time, there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a group of ambitious business owners to emerge as front runners in the charge…

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