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Want Great ROI? Invest in Your People

Everything’s in flux, and gyms are looking hard at their books to get the most bang for their buck. ROI is the name of the game in this changing business climate. But in our quest to run lean and make our money work for us, some gyms are putting all the emphasis on short-term return.…

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The Time is Now: The Modern Training Gym

As you’re reading this, the rules of the fitness game are changing. The landscape is evolving. Customer behaviour is shifting. The playing ground has been levelled. This means that at this unique moment in time, there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a group of ambitious business owners to emerge as front runners in the charge…

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The Poverty Pandemic: Are You Ready to Give Back?

Recent events have led us to turn our sights inwards. Keeping our facilities afloat and providing for our loved ones has been an overwhelming focus over the last months. But while we’ve been thinking about how to lead our businesses through change and what sort of digital element to add to our service, a second…

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Get Lean: Trimming the Fat vs Cutting the Flesh

Just a few months ago, lockdown hit and gym doors closed, throwing the fitness industry into the biggest crisis since its inception. Personal trainers and gym owners alike were forced to have a hard look at our numbers – or risk going under. This new perspective is one of the biggest positives to come out…

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Adaptability: The Key to Success

In the last six months, the British economy has experienced its biggest contraction since 1979. And there’s one thing that all the experts can agree on: we don’t know what the future is going to look like. Although a nationwide reprisal of complete lockdown is unlikely, spot lockdowns are already happening, and businesses have only…

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Creating Your Re-Opening Strategy

The fitness industry has been turned on its head; there’s no promise of economic security in the months and years to come. So how do we make the best of this situation as our clients return to the fold? Where do we focus our attention now – and in the weeks to come? Here are…

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7 Ways to Bounce Back Stronger

Gyms have been closed for months now: although the end is in sight, our doors aren’t open yet. Amidst the difficulties of having our worlds turned upside down over the course of a single week, many of us were given the temporary reprieve of a bounce-back loan to cover the costs of lockdown. Others were…

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