The Affiliate Membership shares our proven operations template based on our high-performing model.

Everything you need to kick start your fitness business.

The Affiliate Membership lays out the systems and processes you need to put in place to transform your business from simply surviving to truly thriving – or how to open a gym from scratch.

Our Membership defines the foundations for success, giving you the tools and inspiration you need to get to grips with the essential principles and processes in each key area.


The Affiliate Membership covers:

Team development

Remember, you’re running a service business.

You may be a great leader, have a sound business plan and amazing premises, but if the people you choose to run the show with you aren’t up to scratch, your customers won’t get the experience they expected.

We help you take your staff to the next level.

Systems & Operations

Inadequate or nonexistent systems are one of the chief reasons businesses struggle to stay afloat.

Health & Safety, KPI reporting and stock management are tedious and time-consuming. They’re also 100% necessary.

We debunk the nuts and bolts of running a gym efficiently.


Proper financial management should never be an afterthought.

Establishing and maintaining good practices, including informed, proactive accounting and joined up thinking around financial reporting is crucial.

We show you that setting up these processes is straightforward, logical and entirely doable.


Many people think marketing is just about getting new members to sign up.

We expose the truth that marketing is happening in every facet of the client experience, whether you know it or not. It should also be inspired by your brand and delivered consistently.

Ultimately, it’s all about building relationships.


For many gym owners, ‘sales’ is a dirty word.

But, at the root of any fitness business is a genuine desire to improve people’s lives. Instead, then, we need to think of sales as offering people an honest service at a fair price.

We explore how to communicate the value of that service to your customers.


Programming lies at the heart of your business.

It involves a clear understanding of your clients’ needs, desires, capabilities, and weaknesses. It must be consistent, relatable and effective. It also needs to be a part of your brand.

We share our model and help you build yours.

Opening a gym

With more and more people looking for fitness, health, and wellness solutions, there’s a real opportunity to build a rewarding fitness business.

But it isn’t for everyone. It’s hard work, and you need to know what you’re doing – personally, technically, financially and managerially.

Lean on us as we guide you through the process.


Continually growing your skills, experience and scope is the best way to keep your business moving with the times.

Featuring seminars and webinars from some of the biggest names in the industry, we help you stay up to date with some of the recent advances in gym ownership wisdom.

Procurement advantages

Procurement advantages and discounts through trusted suppliers


Discounted IFBA products, services and seminars

Ready to get started?

The IFBA Affiliate Membership costs £99 per month.

The programme provides all the teaching, tools, resources and inspiration you need to put your business into overdrive. It is designed to help owners radically improve the efficiency of their business.

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“If you aren’t a member of the IFBA, you’re missing out on a considerable opportunity to develop your business.”

John Clark
Fit3Sixty, Worcester
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