The IFBA is a business consultancy service focused on the fitness industry.

We offer a group membership programme and bespoke consulting for fitness businesses of all kinds and sizes.

What we do


We listen and learn

Getting under the skin of a business and discovering its problems and weak points is the first step.

We connect

We’re linked up to the industry’s leaders and pioneers who are keen to share golden insights.

We measure

Accountability is key to success. We monitor progress throughout to help businesses stay on track.

We provide

Access to our proven operational systems will supercharge your business performance.

We teach

We impart our expert knowledge and experience through practical and motivational masterminding days.

We support

We offer unlimited one-to-one access to the team for ad-hoc questions and advice.

How we do it

Aimed at ambitious fitness business owners, this comprehensive membership package is designed to hone leadership abilities and help define a plan of action to get results. The Programme includes practical and motivational masterminding days, unlimited one-to-one support, access to our invaluable Business Blueprint, central KPI reporting and procurement advantages.
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Available separately or as an integral element of our Leadership and Mastermind Programmes, we offer access to our proven operational systems that can help supercharge performance. The Blueprint comes in several parts, covering all aspects of the business, from programming to staffing, and each is available in a downloadable format.
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Separate to IFBA membership, we offer a tailored consultancy service, typically aimed at larger fitness operators. These contracts are created around the unique needs of each client.
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Who we are

My name is Jean-Claude Vacassin. With my team, I run W10, one of the UK’s most respected and financially efficient gym businesses.


Starting out as a personal trainer, my career in the fitness industry spans more than ten years. In 2009, I founded W10 in West London where we’ve developed a philosophy and culture focused on simplicity and results.

As a fitness business, W10 ranks as one of the country’s most successful. We have a 2% annual attrition rate, and our average lifetime value of a client is three years plus.

In my capacity as a consultant, I’ve advised trainers, gym owners, sports brands, corporate businesses and film companies.

Consolidating this experience, I now run the International Fitness Business Alliance (IFBA) and the Professional Fitness Coaching Academy (PFCA).

“We thought long and hard, trying to justify the expense...DON’T! Just invest and join.”

Dan Oliver
Field of Fitness, Guildford
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We're called an 'Alliance' for a good reason: we'll be your ally.

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