The IFBA is the powerful business development service, focused on the fitness industry.

We’re here to share proven knowledge and skills to help energise your fitness business, no matter its size or stage of development.

We offer our Insights service, Leadership Group, bespoke consultancy and a comprehensive collection of courses, seminars and events.


What we know

We know full well there are some aspects of running a fitness business that can become their weaknesses – the parts that owners struggle to control. These are precisely the areas we’ve perfected, and we’re here to share everything we’ve learned.

Team development

We know fitness is a service industry, and your people need to be on point.

Systems & Operations

We know business processes are tedious, but they’re also 100% essential.


We know good financial practices are the cornerstone of a profitable business.

Marketing & Sales

We know marketing and sales are happening in every facet of the client experience.


We know programming involves a complete understanding of your client.


WWe know strong leadership begins with the leader understanding themselves.


We know expert, consistent coaching is the backbone of your business.

Brand building

We know robust brand foundations should guide everything you do.

Customer Journey

We know that loyalty comes from curating and monitoring a customer’s every step.

What we offer

IFBA Insights is the all-in-one way to build your knowledge base fast, learn essential business skills and keep up to date with the latest trends and innovation in the industry. Sign up, and you’ll get unlimited access to a wealth of online resources as well as regular news, podcasts and membership to our Insights Facebook group.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a national chain operator, independent gym owner, aspiring gym owner, or personal trainer, no fitness professional should be without IFBA Insights.

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Available for a limited group of highly ambitious fitness business owners, this comprehensive membership package is designed to hone leadership abilities and help define a plan of action to achieve serious results.

IFBA Leadership membership includes unlimited one-to-one support, business reviews, roundtable meet-ups and on-site visits.

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Separate to IFBA Insights and our Leadership Group, we also offer a customised consultancy service, typically aimed at larger fitness operators. These contracts are created around the unique needs of each client.
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Available to anyone, member or not, our courses, seminars and events offer ways for any fitness professional to dip into the world of the IFBA and take the knowledge they need. As extensions to membership, they serve to deepen learning and boost results.
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Who we are

The IFBA is led by our founder, Jean-Claude Vacassin, a pioneer of the training gym model and creator of one of the UK’s most respected and financially efficient gyms. Supporting JC is the IFBA team and leading industry experts, who each own and run successful progressive fitness businesses. It’s our vast combined knowledge and experience that makes the IFBA an unparalleled educational and inspirational resource for owners and operators who want to rank alongside the best.


“We’ve been able to implement so many changes at SHPT thanks to the IFBA. The progress has been enormous!”

Kimberley Mastrolacasa,
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We're called an 'Alliance' for a good reason: we'll be your ally.

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